Maluka Estate

Chimera 2018

$38.00 inc GST P/Bottle


This sparkling wine was naturally fermented in the classic  “methode champagnoise” technique. It shimmers with a fine bead and a slight touch of pink due to a 24 hours of skin contact after pressing. A taste of fresh citrus and strawberry fruit characters, aromas of fresh bread derived from three years aging on lees, and a creamy mouthfeel and long lemon-like finish. The developing complexity and crip acidity leave your palate wanting more! A delightful pre-dinner aperitif.

A chimera is formed when two cells merge to form one perfect cell with attributes from both. Our Chimera sparkling chardonnay/pinot noir, is a marriage of 60% Bernard 95 chardonnay clone and 40% Abel pinot noir clone. With character derived from natural wine making techniques and three years spent on lees, it is a fresh and lively sparkling wine that offers a broad flavour profile with a crisp mouthfeel and long mineral finish. This wine shimmers in the light, with a fine persistent bead, it has a light tinge of pink from sitting on skins for 24 hours after pressing. A perfect aperif style of sparkling wine.

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Winery Maluka Estate
Variety Sparkling Pinot Noir - Chardonnay

10% discount for every case of six bottles.