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Why the Otways?


The Otway Ranges are a true cool-climate wine region. We believe the best results are obtained by growing grapes in the more climatically marginal areas, where ripeness occurs steadily and slowly, allowing great flavour to develop, whilst maintaining natural elegance and balance within the wines.


Although there are a range of soil types across different vineyards - sandstone-derived clay loams, through to alluvial silts and gravels - broadly speaking all the soils in the Otways are well-drained and of low fertility, and perfect for growing high-quality grapes. They produce elegant and balanced wines with great natural acidity, tension, and energy.


Whilst each producer varies in their individual winemaking techniques, we all share a few things in common: low yields and handpicked in the vineyard and a light touch, instead of a heavy hand, in the winery. We all strive to make wines that have integrity and honestly reflect the region's unique characteristics.

The great thing about growing grapes is that everything you do is dictated by the annual cycle of the seasons. Stay in tune with the forces of nature and everything flows smoothly. If you get behind, you’ll never catch-up and mother nature reveals herself as an unforgiving taskmaster.